Individual Sessions

This service involves one on one therapeutic sessions centering on supporting your desired change and assisting you in improving your quality of life. We are trained to help you explore your thoughts, feelings, habits, and experiences in order to gain a better understanding about yourself, as well as to help you develop new and hone existing skills to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Couple Sessions

Our couples sessions are proactive and strength based sessions that involves helping both individuals increase emotional intelligence (EI). We will not focus on solely uncovering and addressing the dissatisfaction and distress in the relationship but will use EI to help the couple gain a better understanding of who they are as individuals and as a couple, as well as how they work together as a unit. Not only will we work to assist the couple in improving their skills and/or alleviating their presenting symptoms, we are invested in helping the relationship reach a better and healthier level of functioning. All couples are welcomed!

Family Sessions

Therapists will utilize several assessments to analyze the organizational system of the family, it's interaction and communication as a whole. We do not take sides and work diligently to ensure that each member feels heard, understood, and validated. We will work with the family system to develop and maintain healthy boundaries, build empathy, foster cohesion and healthy communication.

Disability Advocacy & Life Skills Development (Capital District Only)

Serve as an intermediary between the client, their families, and service providers by answering questions, offering advice and education, representing the client at important meetings as well as resolving grievances. This service includes providing technical assistance to all service providers as well as educate clients and stakeholders on their available options, or on specific products or services, that might be beneficial to them. This might include but is not limited to informing them of available community resources and providing referrals. Provide life skills coaching on self-advocacy, organization, basic money management, conflict resolution, emotional management, and general health. Mentors and provide training for new community habilitation staff and other supports. Point person for crisis intervention.


Our therapeutic workshops offer participants the chance to learn new relationship and life skills in brief, intensive courses. This service is perfect if you want to want to supplement mental health services or add to your knowledge, but are hindered by a busy schedule.

Additional Services

We are able to develop engaging therapeutic content and professional trainings to fit your group and organizational needs. Please contact us to schedule a consultation.