Winell Soures, LCSW-R, SAP, MA

"My focus is to help you develop your definition of wellness and assist you in reaching your desired outcome."

The Practice of Winell Soures, LCSW PLLC is a local behavioral health practice that provides psychotherapeutic services to individuals, couples, families, and organizations seeking results. We are a clinical counseling practice with a teaching, nurturing and coaching edge. We are holistically centered, action-oriented and solution-focused. Our vision involves providing emotionally intelligent and culturally responsive holistic healing services to the communities and organizations we serve.

About Our Founder, Owner, and Operator

Winell has worked in the field of human services for the last 23 years in a host of counseling capacities, 16 of which has been in the field of psychotherapy. Winell is also an experienced workshop and training developer and facilitator. She has developed trainings for OCFS while employed for the State University of New York Rockefeller College, Professional Development Program. Winell holds a masters degree in Social Work from The State University of New York at Albany. She also holds a masters degree in Africana Studies from UAlbany, in which her major comprehensive areas were African Psychology, Research Methodology and Black Womens' Studies.

In addition, Winell is a certified Substance Abuse Professional, a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, and a Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator.

Our Practice's guiding values include:

  • Holism:

  • Healing:

  • Empathy:

  • Cultural and Socioemotional Responsiveness:

*Sessions and Workshops are offered via Telehealth and In person !"

Our Guiding Values


We understand that wellness is comprised of intimately interconnected life areas and circumstances. Thus, we do not focus on just one aspect of a person, unit, or organization's healing without considering and developing a plan to address all aspects of that person’s, unit, or organization's health.


We believe that healing “is the personal experience of the transcendence of suffering.” (Egnew, 2005) Thus, we value our role in the healing process which aims to restore one back to their original state or a renewed state of well-being to reach one’s desired outcomes. This is fostered by our following two values.


The ability to gain others' perspective or understand circumstances through assessment of their feelings and needs.

Cultural and Socioemotional Responsiveness

We commit to providing a culturally and socioemotional safe and supportive environment that is highly self and socially aware and embeds the principles, tools, and skills of emotional intelligence and cultural competence in our practice.